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제목 050618/IFSEA Updates and Education Edge

[ * Applebee's offers rewards for retaining top players ]
Applebee's International's human resources department measures retention rates
according to individuals' value to the company, meaning that
top-performing employees are rated in a separate section from other employeess.
Managers are rewarded for maintaining low turnover rates for the best employees,
and that link between compensation and accountability has allowed Applebee's to grow.  
Workforce (free registration) (5/2005)

[ * Q-and-A: Magic Johnson's other career ]
QSR Magazine talk to the former basketball star about Magic Johnson Enterprises, his $500 million holding company that specializes in opening Starbucks, Burger Kings and movie theaters in urban neighborhoods.   QSR Magazine

  Blazing the Symposium trail.  Completed are Subase Bangor, Naval Station San Diego, Albuquerque and Eglin AFB.  Left on the currrent schedule are the Coast Guard Academy, Fort Monroe, Bolling AFB and The White House.  The latter got moved to August because most of my students were going with the President to the G-9 Summit.  We're doing wonderful.  Everyone finds great value; they all think their friends should and need to take these programs; they wonder how come they never knew about it before; and with the potential for 3 certifications per student we are achieving about 95% of those certifications.  Everyone who takes the MCFE ("Holy Crap") exam has gotten some level of certification THUS FAR.  If they score 60 they get a CFM, 65 they get CFE and 70 passes for MCFE.  So everyone got at least enough to get a CFM,, and 75% are getting the MCFE.  Future classes in Honolulu thanks to the Commander Air Force Pacific; the Coast Guard is funding over 100 students starting shortly; Bangor in December; probably Germany before long, and others in discussion.  

  Certification brings personal prestige, raises the perceptions about our industry, builds your portfolio for promotions and job opportunities with your current or future employee; shows you are taking an interest in your career.  

  Does HACCP have value?  Well, if you didn't think so before maybe the fact that the USDA has MANDATED that all schools in the U. S. MUST have HACCP programs in place by 2007.  That is a LOT of time and money to spend on a program, which will speed HACCP along towards being adopted fully by military and other large organizations.  That means opportunities for those who know HACCP, and especially for those who hold the NSF-IFSEA HACCP Manager designation.

[ * Disney World restaurant training focuses on excellence ]
Staff, or "cast members," at Walt Disney World's California Grill get extensive training at Disney University. The company says its training program is designed according to three key objectives: building pride in the organization; communicating the "true product"; and communicating expectations.   Hotel News Resource

Turnover reduction may hold companies back ...
SAS Institute tries to achieve optimal turnover rather than taking the traditional route and minimizing turnover. High turnover rates can actually improve financial returns and rid companies of employees unable or unwilling to perform at the company's standards.   Workforce (free registration) (6/2005)

  Dave Kinney's contact information - Dave is not only our Chairman of the Board but also newly appointed as our paid Vice President for Membership.  Maybe you'd like to give Dave a membership retention or recruiting tip, or perhaps want to seek his help with your branch.  He now has an IFSEA business specific cell phone, so you can reach him at 505-977-5895.

  Growing IFSEA's Value - Chairman Kinney just announced a plan to focus much of our corporate energy on creating  value for members that extends to ALL members, whether they have access to a local branch or not.  We will expand existing ideas and seek new ones, that a person in Peoria, where we don't have a branch, and in Buffalo, where we do have a branch, could all take advantage of.  We seek to provide a $99 value of belonging globally, so that your Buffalo Branch experience (as an example) just ADDS to that value, but it was worth $99 to belong without that.   Upcoming, as an example of how we can provide global value, will be a TeleWebinar where I will have you on the phone while you are also on the web, and will walk you through the certification information so you understand which is which and what you need to do to get them.  Hosted by the Global Branch, it has value to ALL members.  So that's the plan.

[ * Britain spawns "pay-what-you-like" restaurants ]
  Just Around The Corner owner Michael Vasos says letting patrons figure out their own bills has resulted mostly in generous payments. The idea has spread to other restaurants that are experiencing success with the concept, even if offered on a limited basis.   Daily Telegraph (London) (free registration) (6/12)

  IFSEA Seal of Approval for food service equipment - We are moving forward with a new concept wherein a team of IFSEA-MHA members will visit a factory and, if warranted, issue an IFSEA seal of approval to the various lines of equipment that they review.  The first is scheduled for August, with a grand unveiling at the NAFEM show in September.  Lots of details, legal issues, structure, criteria, etc., are in the works and will need to be approved by the board before we impliment the program, but we're on a fast track to make this happen.  Stay tuned for details, or if you want to be among the first to know for your company, send me a note to let you know immediately so your company can be among the first.

[ * Coke tests Vault ]
Coca-Cola is rolling out its new soft drink/energy drink in five markets. Vault is said to be a possible competitor to Pepsico's Mountain Dew.   Journal and Constitution (Atlanta) (free registration) (6/10)

[ * Anheuser-Busch launches Bud Light in aluminum bottles ]
The brewing giant released aluminum bottles of its Bud Light brand nationwide yesterday. The new bottles are meant to help the beer stay cold.   just-drinks.com

  Committees - we have a new Student Membership Chairman.  Scott Doty from Syracuse agreed to take that on and drive our student experience upward.  Scott was active on the student level for about 5 years. Thanks Scott.

[ * Investigation: How restaurants are handling special dietary needs ]
Restaurant Business magazine sent undercover reporters to several restaurants -- chains and independents -- where they posed as diners and said they were on strict diets or had certain allergies. The magazine reports some operations handled the requests with ease, while others were not quite as accommodating.   Restaurant Business

  Military Programs Coming Up - for our military members, be aware that the 3rd editions of the Military Culinary War happens September 7 and 8 in downtown Baltimore; and the Enlisted Aide of the Year award in November in DC.  And the 2nd annual USA Pears recipet contest.  Combined there's $2500 in cash, two weeks at Disney for two, a trip to Aruba, knife sets from Hubert.  Go to www.MHAifsea.com for details on any of those and to sign up.  Thanks to IFSEA Military Partner Rational for their sponsorship of the Culinary War, and to USA Pears, as well as Disney, Hubert, the Restaurant Association of Maryland, Starkey International and all of our organizers and sponsors.

[ * Prescreening tests cut job costs ]
Standardized prescreening tests can help restaurants reduce high turnover rates, which cuts administration, training and uniform costs. It also allows companies to get to know applicants and "gives you a better understanding of the individual, so you can make a better call if that person will fit in with our culture," one restaurant owner said.   Nation's Restaurant News (free registration) (6/13)

Food delivery services turn to call centers...
Some pizza restaurants and chains such as Hardee's are now taking orders by directing phone and drive-through orders to remote call centers with the goals of decreasing order errors and improving the food preparation process. Although Vocelli Pizza and other pizzerias have used call centers for years, others are in the early stages of testing the process.   The Washington Times

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